Lucan Ventuhawk


Lucan Venatuhawk, the Ranger

Level: 1
EXP: 0

Race: Half Elf [ 1 to DEX and +1 to any two Skills]

Health: 9

STR: 6
DEX: 7
AC: 4
Survival: 7
Heroic: 5
Super-Heroic: 3

BAB (Based Attack Bonuses): 1
MAB (Melee Attack Bonuses): 1+6
RAB (Ranged Attack Bonuses): 1+7
Conviction: 3+1 (1 Per two levels)

Saving Throws:
FORT: 1+7
REF: 1+6
WILL: 1+1

Wealth: 19 (Wealthy)
Gold: 0

Primary: Survival (3d20)
Secondary: Physical (2d20)
Tertiary: Subterfuge/Persuade (1d20)

Heavy Crossbow 1d10 [Equipped]
Scale Mail + 4 [Equipped]

Pets and Mounts:
Hunter (Dog)


Lucan’s family is considered to be older than time itself. Even before the dawn of the overlords. They were the ones who created the bow, Heirloom of Lucan. His family used the bow in overthrowing the warlords. They have from that point on kept it as heirloom. After overthrowing the warlords, his family moved on, becoming masters of trade. Despite being high up in society, they donated most of what they had. The peace ended when the descendent of Minotaurus himself murdered Lucan’s father. He vowed to kill him, but ended up captured by the Warriors of Vlakendash. He escaped, and became a Bard. He also was one of the people who got a letter to meet at Lamathir.

Lucan Ventuhawk

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