Eraid Litun


Eraid Litun, the Paladin

Level: 1
EXP: 0

Race: Human [+1 to all skill rolls, +1 conviction]

Health: 8

STR: 5
DEX: 5
AC: 7
Survival: 7
Heroic: 5
Super-Heroic: 3

BAB (Based Attack Bonuses): 1
MAB (Melee Attack Bonuses): 1+5
SAB (Spell Attack Bonuses): 1+5
Conviction: 3+1+1 (1 Per two levels)

Saving Throws:
FORT: 1+5
REF: 1+5
WILL: 1+5

Wealth: 14 (Affluent)
Copper: 0
Silver: 0
Gold: 45
Platinum: 0

Primary: Physical (3d20)
Secondary: Survival (2d20)
Tertiary: Subterfuge/Persuade (1d20)

Longsword 1d8 [Equipped]
Scale Mail +5 AC [Equipped]
Heavy Steel Shielf +2 AC [Equipped]
Vial of Holy Water

Pets and Mounts:


At a young age Eraid lost his parents to a foriegn raiding party when they burned down his village. He and his sister were lucky to escape but had to survive on their own. After a few years when Eraid came of age where he could become a fighter and so went into hard years of intense training. He did some great things but barely anyone acknowledged them hence where he got the name Eraid the Unsung. After he was a fully trained paladin he came to visit his sister to find she was no where to be seen, so his goal was to find his sister and slay the bastards that took her. As of now he wonders the land doing what he was trained to do – fight and protect.

Eraid Litun

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